About Our Mission

2019 Africa Jump Pic2021 marks our 10th Mains’l mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa.

Mains’l Mission Team members are made up of employees of Mains’l who have committed to sharing their gifts, skills and talents with others through our work in Africa. This is accomplished by working, playing and building relationships with those we meet. All members, past and current, are committed to experiencing the world, together, alongside our partners, and make a conscious effort to put into practice what the team has learned when they return home and to “pay it forward”.

Our mission work is partly due to the generous donations and support provided by our Mains’l crew. Without everyone, the work we are accomplishing would not be possible. To date, our Mains’l employees have donated almost $46,000 since our visits started just seven years ago!  And this does not begin to include the in-kind and suitcase donations people have given.

Our partnership with Mother Africa Trust and H2O for Life has enabled us to serve “on the ground” where needed, and the people and organizations directly receive the funds we offer.

The mission team’s purpose is to broaden horizons in global leadership and giving.  We embody the Mains’l Mission, Vision and Core Values, both in our communities and throughout the world.

Vision:  A world where people live with meaning and purpose.

Mission: Offering innovative supports to people, responding to their hopes and dreams.

Core Values: We believe in honesty and truthfulness; We believe in serving others. We believe all people make meaningful contributions, and every person is valuable. We believe in collaboration and partnerships. We believe in excellence.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us and reading our blog. We appreciate all the support, encouragement and love we have and continue to receive.

Africa 2018 Jump pic

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